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Sterile Kirschner Wires, Arthrodesis Wires & Steinmann Pins

At Surgical Holdings we manufacture a range of Wires and Pins including Kirshcner Wires, Arthrodesis Wires, Steinmann and Pins and Denham Threaded Steinmann Pins for internal fixation during orthopaedic surgery. We are accredited to sell these products (Class IIb product) into Europe, and the UK through the NHS and Private Hospitals by SGS (View certificate).

Sterile Kirschner Wires and Sterile Arthrodesis Wires

Our most popular wires are now Sterile Kirschner Wires. These wires come in packs of 10 (Sterile single packed). 

They are available directly or through NHS Supply Chain. 

The Sterile Kirschner wires are manufactured with a 5 year shelf life.

All Wires are manufactured in our factory in Southend-on-Sea and then Sterile packed. 

You might like to read a recent article on the history of our Kirschner Wire manufacture.

We Stock all popular sixes of Kirschner Wire and Arthrodesis Wire. if you would like to make an enquiry, please email us. 

Download Kirschner Arthrodesis Wires PDFDownload Arthrodesis and Kirschner Wires PDF

Kirschner wires typically have one trocar point and Arthrodesis Wires, 2 trocar points. They may also have a thread. 

All Implants are manufactured as per the relevant international standard for material,  ISO 5838-1:2013

ISO 5838-1:2013



Implants for surgery -- Metallic skeletal pins and wires -- Part 1: General requirements

BS 3531 Part 6.2

ISO 5838-2



Implants for osteosyntheses. Specification for dimensions of Steinmann skeletal pins

BS 3531 Part 6.3

ISO 5838-3



Implants for osteosyntheses. Skeletal pins and wires. Specification for Kirschner skeletal wires

BS 3531 Part 11

ISO 8827



Implants for osteosyntheses. Specification for staples with parallel legs

Skeletal wires are often used for Osteosyntheses. They are often used in conjunction with other forms of internal fixation, but they can be used alone to treat fractures of small bones, such as those found in the hand or foot. Skeletal wires are usually removed after a certain amount of time and are regarded as a temportary implant (up to 120 days). 

In the UK and around Europe, Hospitals are now opting to buy their Kirschner wires pre Sterile, as this is more hygienic and safer for the patient.


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