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Proctology Instruments

At Surgical Holdings we provide a range of proctology instruments for proctologists dealing with disorders of the rectum, anus, and colon. Our proctology instruments are designed for performing colorectal surgery. Our proctology instruments include:

  • Proctology Clamps - Used during colorectal surgery for clamping the bowels, for rectal transection and irrigation.
  • Proctoscope - Used for examining the anus and lower part of the rectum.
  • Proctology Scissors - For excision and dissection of skin during colorectal surgery. 
 NHS suppliers of high quality precision instrumentation
 Award-winning manufacturer of surgical instruments
 Established supplier with over 25 years experience
 Family run business based in the UK

Download Proctology Instruments PDFDownload Proctology Instruments PDF

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