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30 years experience

Established supplier with over 30 years experience

Family run business based in the UK

NHS Suppliers of high quality precision instrumentation

Premier Repair & Refurbishment Service

Surgical Holdings UK

Read the story of our family heritage in our blog post, Celebrating 30 Years of Surgical Holdings.

Ever since Surgical Holdings UK was founded back in 1988, our mission has been to provide high quality products and services. 

A friendly family-run business, Surgical Holdings UK is unique, in that we can demonstrate over 30 years of practised skill in the manufacture and repair of surgical instruments.  

The specialist craftsmanship our company employs has been taught in the Coole family for four generations, with experienced Chairman Philip Coole and Managing Director Daniel Coole now proudly at the helm. Surgical Holdings UK also incorporates Universal Surgical, managed by Robin Coole.

We have grown steadily in our Southend-on-Sea location over the past 30 years, and we frequently welcome visitors who want to experience our friendly, supportive and educational atmosphere for themselves.

Our informative video tours will tell you everything you need to know about our history and experience, our unique culture, and the importance we place on education.  Meanwhile, you will find testimonials from our many happy clients on our Recommendations page.

Please contact us for further information, or to discuss your needs with our friendly team.

Virtual Tour

Here you can find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about Surgical Holdings UK, as well as putting some faces to names!

Take a virtual tour of our company and meet some of the dedicated people who work with us, as we share the following with you:

 o   An introduction to our company – discover more about our commitment to quality and unique passion.

 o   Our close-knit, family run company culture – find out why we have such low staff turnover.

 o   Our commitment to education – learn about everything we do to inform and educate people in our local community.

 o   Our unique experience and history – Philip and Daniel Coole tell the story of how Surgical Holdings UK came into being.

To find out more, please contact us

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