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We are delighted to announce that we are an exclusive distributor of Symmetry Surgical’s product range in the UK.

This includes the heritage of Codman & Shurtleff's Neurology Surgical Instruments, along with the Bookwalter Retraction System and many other known brands. Symmetry Surgical acquired the revered Neurology Codman Instrument Portfolio back in 2012.   

Symmetry Surgical develops and delivers high-quality surgical instrumentation, consumables and implants to healthcare providers around the world. The company is maintaining more than 20,000 products, including proven, trusted portfolios such as the surgical instruments of Codman & Shurtleff's (click link for catalogue download), Specialty Surgical Instrumentation (SSI), and the electro-surgery instruments from Olsen Medical. Those companies together carry a combined heritage of 300 years.

Symmetry Surgical is constantly working to develop new innovations that help clinicians deliver superior patient care in surgical procedures – from access to intervention to closure.

Some of their many trusted product brands are:

Bookwalter ® | Greenberg ® | Classic ® | Classic Plus ® | Flash Pak ® | Secto ® |Symmetry Sharp Kerrison ® | Olsen ® | RapidClean ® | Quad-Lock ® | Opti-Length ® | Magna-Free ® | Midas Touch ® | Riley Medical ® | Microsect ® | Rotilt ® | Ultra Instruments ® | VersaPak ™ | Access Surgical ®

We are happy to highlight a few products, especially:

Bookwalter ®

The Bookwalter Self-Retaining Retractor System supplied by Symmetry Surgical is the only genuine Bookwalter on the market and is an example of Symmetry`s continuous innovation. It is a table-fixed retractor system designed by surgeons to efficiently and reliably hold surgical instruments in place during surgery while allowing great visibility. This retractor supports a wide variety of configurations for various surgical disciplines. The Bookwalter continues to be at the forefront in retraction innovation, with the release of the amazing Rotilt Ratchet 

OWN A BOOKWATER ALREADY? Surgical Holdings can Repair & Refurbish your current retractor to make it look as good as new. We will also perform tests to ensure the retractor is functioning correctly and provide a report. 


Bookwalter CatalogueDownload Bookwalter Catalogue PDF

Codman (Symmetry) Neurology and Micro Instruments

Symmetry Medical acquired the full instrument portfolio from the world renown Codman & Shurtleff's. 

Symmetry`s instrument lines- Spetzler, Malis and Rhoton- have been developed by Codman & Shurtleff in cooperation with individual surgeons. With this heritage in mind, they represent a significant share of the global Neuro, Spine and Cardiovascular Thoracic instrumentation in use. For instance, with the Spetzler Micro Scissors, Symmetry became the preferred choice for many Neuro Surgeons by offering a product that provides an optimized and more ergonomic view of the operation field. This has been achieved by the unique design of the bayonet angulation. you can view and download the Symmetry Neuro range, which incorporates the Codman surgical instrument portfolio here

Symmetry Sharp Kerrison®


The Symmetry Sharp Kerrison is the only Kerrison which is supporting surgeons with reliable cutting results without the continuous need for repairs and the logistics behind this process. This new Kerrison is available with a single use or alternatively reusable tip which attaches to a reusable handle to ensure the highest possible accuracy and safety.

Symmetry Sharp Kerrison brochureDownload Symmetry Sharp Kerrison PDF


Quad-Lock containers feature a design with four latches to tightly secure the lid and ensure a dependable seal during and after sterilisation. The range includes full, three-quarter, and half size containers, as well as a wide variety of colour options from which to choose. 

Quadlock catalogueDownload Quadlock catalogue PDF


Symmetry Access Low Profile Retractor

Symmetry Access™
Introducing the Symmetry Access™
Low Profile Retractor
• Ultra-low profile
• Contours to patient anatomy
• Patented single-use technology
• Optimizes exposure in small incision surgery
Symmetry Access™ Low Profile Retractor
An ultra-low profile approach to small incision soft tissue retraction. Read how the Low profile Retractors can reduce procedure time by 25% in this evidence based time analysis from the USA or the versatioity of the LPR vs competitors in the UK from Mr Mark Slack 'A Novel Retractor for Vaginal Surgery'.
Designed to Allow Freedom in Retraction
• No frame needed – Stable around small incisions
• Can be applied to skin or drapes
• Independently adjustable for optimal retraction
• Polycarbonate tip retractors do not need to be
removed prior to imaging
Designed for Ease-of-Use
• Simple application
• Easy repositioning
Designed to Optimize Exposure for
Better Surgical Visualization
• Low profile aspect reduces instrument
• Anatomy-contouring application minimizes
Range of Specialized Tips
Read the full presentation here

Disposable Products

You can also purchase the innovative range of Symmetry Disposable surgical devices through Surgical Holdings, including:

  • Symmetry Surgical’s single-use, sterile Skin Markers; designed to provide a permanent skin marking solution for intact skin that won’t wash off while preparing a patient for a procedure 

  • Symmetry Surgical’s single-use Vein Strippers; designed to provide proven, cost effective removal of saphenous varicose veins. The Symmetry vein strippers bring a 30-year heritage of quality and eliminate the need to clean and process them after use.

  •  Symmetry Surgical’s Secto® A trusted name in dissection for more than 60 years, Symmetry Surgical’s Secto® portfolio features traditional dissectors and tonsil sponges, as well as innovative reposable dissectors with reusable handles and single-use tips.
  • Our Secto® portfolio features:
    • A variety of trusted traditional dissectors and tonsil sponges, available sterile or in bulk.
    • NEW high-quality one-piece single-use gauze dissectors
    • NEW reposable dissectors featuring a variety of re-usable stainless steel handles with single-use tips that easily thread onto handle

If you have any questions or queries, please contact for more information.

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