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Ethical Procurement and NHS Supply Chain’s Surgical Instruments Framework

Back in September 2012 the NHS Supply Chain released its framework for the ethical procurement of surgical instruments.
The new Surgical Instruments framework has now launched (February 2017). This framework covers:
● Single Use Surgical Instruments and Single Use Surgical Instrument Packs
● Reusable Surgical Instruments
● Scalpel Blades, Scalpel Handles and Disposable Scalpels
● Single Use Suction Tubes

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New Rigid Endoscope Repair Workshop

Surgical Holdings are now offering a state of the art rigid endoscope repair service! Our new workshop launched in October and within those four months we have repaired over 150 endoscopes. Every scope that we receive will be quoted within 48 hours, if a more urgent quote is required we can send one over within 24 hours. Once the scope

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