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ABHI and Surgical Holdings

Surgical Holdings are members of the Association of British Healthcare Industries. As an ABHI member, we subscribe to their code of business practices, which covers:

Quality & Regulatory Compliance
Interactions with Healthcare Professionals
Advertising & Promotion
Unlawful Payments & Practices
Competition/Antitrust & Procurement Laws
Export Controls & Sanctions
Data Privacy
Compliance & Enforcement

The Association of

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Effective Surgical Instrument Repair

The NHS spends over £20 billion every year on goods and services which typically accounts for around 30 per cent of the operating costs of each hospital. The benefits of long term product value versus short term price benefits were discussed in last years NHS procurement review, with procurement departments being recommended to investigate this wherever  possible.

“We need

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Surgical Instruments FAQ

Q – What are surgical instruments made from?
A – The majority of surgical instruments are manufactured from martensitic stainless steel. This has elements in such as Chromium, which oxidises and gives corrosion resistance. Carbon in the stainless steel, allows it to be hardened and to maintain edges on scissors and be hard enough to ensure they do not bend

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