Bissinger BiTech Bipolar Scissors

Bissinger Bitech Bipolar Scissors

BiTech bipolar scissors enable cutting and dissection with simultaneous bipolar coagulation. Bipolar scissors can be used for a large number of applications in open surgery. The patented construction principle ensures that the scissors are both easy to use and to repair. The electrical contacts for both scissor blades are conducted via one section of the handle, i.e. the connection cable only needs to be attached to one ring, which significantly reduces interference during handling. 

BiTech Bipolar Scissors with Standard Blade

The standard version of the BiTech bipolar scissors are characterized by their strong blade and large contact surface for use in general surgery and gynaecology.

BiTech Bipolar Scissors with Delicate Blade

The more delicate blades of these models with smaller contact surface are suitable i.e. for use in thoracic surgery, gynaecology and ENT.

BiTech Micro Bipolar Scissors

The BiTech Micro scissors are available in 13, 14 and 17,5 cm lengths and are characterised by their particularly slim and thin scissor blades. This is a major advantage in applications requiring high precision surgery e.g. plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Bitech Micro Bipolar Scissors

BiTech Supercut Bipolar Scissors

The razor-sharp blade of the BiTech Supercut scissors enables particularly precise and fine cutting combined with simultaneous or alternate coagulation of tissue. Bissinger is the first manufacturer to integrate the well established SUPERCUT scissor blade into bipolar scissors.

BiTech Supercut Bipolar Scissors

Easy Cleaning

It is recommended to use suitable racks for cleaning of the bipolar scissors, thus allowing to position and protect the instrument. Thereby an optimized cleaning effect can be achieved and at the same time, the sensitive ceramic blade of the scissor is protected from being damaged. The Bissinger CARE system offers suitable solutions for this. 

Practical connector plug

The single compact connector is attached to only one scissor ring. This significantly reduces cable interference during use. Connecting cables are available for nearly all common high-frequency generators. 

  BiTech Delicate blade BiTech Standard blade BiTech Supercut BiTech Micro
28 cm 85728120 85728110    
23 cm 85723120 85723110    
21 cm 85721120 85721110 85721310  
18 cm 85718120 85718110 85718310  
17.5 cm       85717150
14 cm       85714150
13 cm       85713150

Plug, generators inside
2 Bananenstecher 3 mtr.

5 mtr.

Erbe 3 mtr.

5 mtr.

Aesculap GK 55, GK 60
3 mtr.

5 mtr.

3 mtr.

5 mtr.


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