Bookwalter Retractor

Bookwalter® Retractor

The Bookwalter® retractor is a high-quality table fixed retractor that allows for improved access to the operating field and stable retraction throughout long procedures. There are various ring sizes, retractor blades, and ratchet styles to choose from to customise your kit. This innovative retractor can be used for various procedures such as kidney or prostate removal, amongst many other things.

The Bookwalter Retractor is widely used in Urology and General Surgery. The retractor is popular for Renal Transplant use and Radical Cystectomy (Bladder Removal). There are also specialised versions such as the Magrina Bookwalter for Gynaecology.

A Table-Fixed Retractor System

The Bookwalter Self-Retaining Retractor System supplied by Symmetry Surgical is the only genuine Bookwalter on the market and is an example of Symmetry's continuous innovation. It is a table-fixed retractor system designed by surgeons to efficiently and reliably hold surgical instruments in place during surgery while allowing great visibility. This retractor supports a wide variety of configurations for various surgical disciplines. The Bookwalter continues to be at the forefront in retraction innovation, with the release of the amazing Rotilt Ratchet.

The Bookwalter retractor is a device used by surgeons to separate or hold back the ends of a surgical incision, mainly in the chest or the abdomen. When surgeons need to convert from a laparoscopic case to open abdominal surgery, they often shout: “Get the Bookwalter!”.

OWN A BOOKWALTER RETRACTOR ALREADY? Surgical Holdings can repair and refurbish your current retractor to make it look as good as new. We will also perform tests to ensure the retractor is functioning correctly and provide a report. 

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