Instrument PDF Catalogues

Surgical Holdings are extremely excited to launch our brand new Version 4 instrument catalogue. We would be delighted for one of our sales team to drop in a hard copy, so please get in touch if you would like one. 

Company Introduction

An introduction to Surgical Holdings.

Download Intro PDF

Complete Catalogue

Our entire surgical instruments catalogue as a PDF download.

Download Complete Catalogue PDF

International Catalogue

Our international surgical instruments catalogue as a PDF download.

Download International Catalogue PDF

General Instruments Catalogue

General instruments including artery forceps, clamps, spring forceps, tissue forceps, sponge holding and sterilising forceps, other forceps, scissors, needle holders, combined scissor and needle holders, bag and towel clips, retractors, probes, dissectors, laryngoscopes, scalpels and sterilising baskets.

Download General PDF

Dental Instruments Catalogue

Dental instruments for dentists and orthodontists, including elevators, extracting forceps, tooth forceps, scissors, dam and clamp instruments, pliers, nerve instruments, forceps for staple and wire shaping, contouring pliers, crown and strip forceps, crown forceps, mirrors, ligature forceps, wire and tape cutting forceps.

Download Dental PDF

Diathermy Instruments Catalogue

Diathermy instruments and bipolar tools for surgeons providing electrosurgery, including diathermy scissors, diathermy forceps, bipolar forceps, handles, needles and blades, leads, quivers and speculum.

Download Diathermy PDF

ENT Instruments Catalogue

Ear, nose and throat instruments including middle ear instruments, picks and scoops, probes and hooks, retractors, suction tubes, speculum, aural forceps, snares, mouth gags, tongue depressors, punches, rongeurs, scissors, curettes, elevators, dissectors, tracheotomy and laryngectomy tubes, oesophagoscopes and mirrors.

Download ENT PDF

Gynaecology Instruments Catalogue

Gynaecology instruments for gynaecologists, including forceps, speculum, retractors, curettes, catheters, scissors, dilators and sounds.

Download Gynaecology PDF

Intestinal Instruments Catalogue

Intestinal instruments for gastroenterology, including cholecystectomy forceps, colectomy forceps, gallstone forceps, stomach holding forceps, intestinal forceps and clamps.

Download Intestinal PDF

Neurosurgery & Spinal Instruments Catalogue

Instruments for neurosurgery, including forceps, scissors, dissectors, probes, curettes, hooks, retractors, elevators, cannulae, suction tubes, rongeurs and punches.

Download Neurosurgery PDF

Ophthalmic Instruments Catalogue

Ophthalmic instruments for ophthalmology, including forceps, scissors, needle holders, retractors, speculum, cannula, clip, calliper, knives, spoons, vectis, hooks and cannulae infusion.

Download Ophthalmic PDF

Orthopaedic Instruments Catalogue

Orthopaedic instruments for surgery of the musculoskeletal system, including bone cutting forceps, bone rongeurs, bone holding forceps, bone curettes, bone levers, rugines, raspatories, osteotomes, chisels, gouges, wire cutters, pliers, elevators, saws, shears, knives, nail and staple instruments, screw and plate instruments, guide wires, bone screws, bone plates and staples.

Download Orthopaedic PDF

Plastic Surgery Instruments Catalogue

Plastic Surgery instruments for oral surgery, including scissors, needle holders, forceps, rasps, elevators, spring forceps, picks, hooks, skin retractors, osteotomes, chisels, and gouges.

Download Plastic PDF

Post Mortem Instruments Catalogue

Post Mortem instruments for pathology, including scalpels and knives, scissors, bone cutting forceps, rib shears, dissecting forceps, needle holders, forceps, clamps, raspatories, saws, gouges, chisels, mallets, probes, retractors, needles and scalpel blade removers.

Download Post Mortem PDF

Proctology Instruments Catalogue

Proctology instruments for dealing with disorders of the rectum, anus, and colon, including forceps, clamps, scissors, directors, retractors and proctoscopes.

Download Proctology PDF

Thoracic Instruments Catalogue

Thoracic instruments for dealing with operations on the heart, lungs, oesophagus, and other organs in the chest. Including forceps, clamps, scissors, needle holders, retractors, rib spreaders, rib shears and elevators.

Download Thoracic PDF

Urology Instruments Catalogue

Urology instruments for urethroplasty including retractors, forceps, urethral bougies and urethral sounds.

Download Urology PDF