Ethical Policy

Surgical Holdings have been proactively implementing the NHS Supply Chain Labour Standards Assurance System, since its inception in 2012. We are now accredited to level 3, which ensures we are objectively assessing our supply chain for continual improvement. 

Surgical Holdings Labour Standards Assurance System Policy

1. Surgical Holdings is committed to upholding high ethical Labour Standards relating to the employment of personnel. These standards are not only maintained within the company, Surgical Holdings, but are sought from all suppliers within the company’s supply chain. The ethical standards expected, not only apply to those who are directly employed within the supply chain but also to members of the public, stakeholders and interested parties who have an indirect involvement within the chain.

In order to develop, improve upon and maintain these Labour Standards within the company and its supply chain, Surgical Holdings has introduced procedures.

2. Nominating a company Director as the person responsible for overseeing the effective operation of the company’s Labour Standards.

3. Identifying how Labour Standards relate to the company and its supply chain and conducting risk assessments to identify possible Labour Standards’ abuses.

4. Identifying Labour Standards’ legal requirements relating to:-

4.1 child labour.

4.2 forced or compulsory labour

4.3 health & safety.

4.4 freedom of association & right to collective bargaining.

4.5 discrimination.

4.6 disciplinary practices.

4.7 working hours.

4.8 remuneration.

4.9 human rights.

In each country from which product components may be sourced

5. Setting of Labour Standards’ targets and objectives at the time of Management Review and the monitoring of these targets and objectives.

6. Making available the necessary resources to facility the Labour Standards’ Policy. The role of company employees, relating to their responsibilities and authority, is documented in Job Descriptions.

7. Training employees such that they are competent in the relevant aspects of Labour Standards and ensuring that personnel within the supply chain are likewise competent.

8. Defining an effective and secure means of communication with all parties within the supply chain.

9. Adopting existing BS EN ISO 9001/ISO 13485 procedures for document and data control.

10. The control of Labour Standards Assurance processes such that they meet Policy requirements.

11. The management of Labour Standards requirements, risks and issues within the supply chain.12. The emergency response to Labour Standards non-conformances.

12. The emergency response to Labour Standards non-conformances.

13. The measurement and monitoring of the Labour Standards Assurance System through internal audits and Management Review.

14. Conducting risk assessments leading to preventive action and ensuring the application of corrective action to non-conformances.

15.   Encompassing Labour Standards reviews within regular BS EN ISO 9001/ISO 13485 Management Reviews.      

All employees of the Company shall take note of this Labour Standards Assurance Policy and commit to the effective maintenance and continual improvement of the Company’s Labour Standards Assurance System and all that it encompasses.

The Directors of the Company endorse the requirements as set out in this Policy.

Signed:-    D. Coole                                                                              Date:-  21/08/2017

Managing Director/Labour Standards Representative.

Current Objective: Our Supply Chain must make continual labour standard improvements and maintain these standards.