Medical Heat Sealers

Heat sealers are used in the medical industry for sealing sterile packaging materials such as pouches and bags. These sealers utilise heat to bond thermoplastic materials, ensuring the integrity of medical supplies and preventing contamination.

Entrhal Sealer EM20KCS EM20NKN

Medical Heat Sealers

Safe, compact and easy to operate!

Medical heat sealers produced to European safety guidelines. Depending on the configuration, the sealers give you the opportunity to fulfil all requirements of ISO11607-2. Every sealer is intensively tested and supplied with a manufacturer´s certificate, user manual and service information. All Entrhal heat sealers are very compact, so they only need a fractional amount of space on the worktable compared with other sealers. Thanks to the unique and innovative SerVa-Box technology, the annual maintenance is done on-site within less than 10 minutes! Simply order the exchange SerVa-Box, replace it and the maintenance is done. That's how easy it is! No more unnecessary sending of devices back and forth, no need for a loaner (no loan fee), no high transport costs. Simply exchange it!

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