Chirobloc Hand Immobiliser & Accessories

Chirobloc Hand Immobiliser & Accessories

The Chirobloc Hand Immobiliser is a medical device designed to provide effective immobilisation and support for various hand injuries and conditions including fractures, sprains, and post-operative recovery, providing crucial support while allowing for proper healing and mobility.

Equipped with adjustable straps and customisable features, the Chirobloc offers a fit for individuals of all sizes and hand shapes. Engineered using advanced materials, the Chirobloc Hand Immobiliser ensures optimal breathability and durability, making it suitable for prolonged wear. Its lightweight design enables users to carry out daily activities with minimal hindrance, promoting faster recovery and rehabilitation.

Chirobloc 3

  • Made out of a composite bio-compatible material
  • Radio-lucency without lead weight
  • Will not stain surgical gloves
  • Supplied with 5 rings
  • Weighs 0.27kg

One wrist strap with two possible adjustments:

  • Wrist strap – child positioning
  • Wrist strap – adult positioning

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Chirobloc Large

Weighs 0.5kg.

Chirobloc Ballast

It is an independent spare part made out of stainless steel. It may be attached to Chirobloc to weigh it. Weighs 0.780kg.


Ring will be used as an attachment to any Chirobloc. Sold separately by box of 10 units. Ring will replace rubber bands made from surgical gloves.

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