Our Steels

Why is Surgical Holdings Instrumentation Different? Read about our steels and exclusive designs…

Our philosophy is to challenge everything we do, be accountable for what we manufacture and continually improve.

Surgical Holdings stainless steel instruments are manufactured in accordance with BS 5194 - Stainless Steels for surgical instruments http://www.bssa.org.uk/topics.php?article=132

This ensures every instrument has the correct composition, to ensure they can be fit for purpose and perform the action they were designed for.

Our videos give a bit more information around our materials:

We select the highest grade steels, for the best long term value for our customers. As part of our ISO 13485 quality system, we ensure we have access to material mill certificates and as part of our proactive objective quality assessment, we send off routine batches of material for 3rd Party testing and verification. This ensures our customers receive the instrument they ordered, manufactured from the correct steel, as per BS 5194.

British Manufacturer

We are the innovative British manufacturer of Surgical Instruments, with over 50 years industry experience and a focus on education and apprenticeships for the new generation of instrument technicians.

Exclusive Design

Surgical Holdings New Duo Surface Finish is applied across all our general surgery theatre range of instruments. This new finish, has been developed by looking at what is important in a modern day surgical instrument:

  • Reduce glare - The back half of the instrument is highly polished to remove and imperfections and marks; only then will it have a light wet bead blast applied to it, to give a distinctive high end finish.
  • The working end is bright polished by our expert instrument finishers. This addresses the requirement for enhanced cleaning efficacy. Bright polish is the best finish to ensure corrosion resistance on the instrument and a smoother finish also ensures reduced protein adherence to the surgical instrument
  • This design has been exclusively Design protected by Surgical Holdings and is only available through us or an appointed distributor
  • Many of our instruments will also have distinct design differences with the user and patient in mind


We are constantly challenged by the changing dynamics of the surgical instrument markets. Surgical Holdings can offer exclusive coatings, from a wide spectrum of colours. These coatings are applied for:

  • Identification
  • Enhanced performance and hardness
  • Cleaning efficacy
  • Reduced protein adhesion


Why would you provide the highest quality instruments, without a suitable solution for reprocessing and protecting these devices? Surgical Holdings offer exclusive instrument fixation solutions, through bespoke basket manufacture using the highest grade stainless steel and silicone.

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