Bespoke Din Basket & Sterilisation Basket Solutions

Surgical Holdings stock all popular din basket sizes. Please take a look at our latest brochure which shows our full range:

Download Tray, Baskets, Fixation & Matting PDF

We can also custom-make din baskets and endoscope baskets. This may be for delicate instruments, such as cataract or Phaco sets or just for general re-organisation of baskets for more efficient cleaning and reprocessing. The set below is a Hand Set that we manufacture. The customer wanted these delicate instruments organised safely, for easy presentation to the surgeon. We utilise medical-grade silicone and fixations that reduce the risk of tray tearing. 

Din baskets can be made depending on the requirements of the surgeon and what they require in their set. We also manufacture custom baskets for holding expensive scopes in place.

Our sales representatives will visit you free of charge to discuss your requirements and take measurements. We also have an extensive range of standard size baskets and sterilisation baskets. Our din baskets come with 1-year manufacturers' warranty.

For more information about our bespoke din basket & sterilisation basket solutions please email or call us on +44 (0)1702 602050.

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