Instrument Reprocessing & Decontamination

Reprocessing of Re-Usable Instruments

Following purchase, Surgical Holdings instruments should follow a strict life cycle, as follows:


“Decontamination is the combination of processes (including cleaning, disinfection and sterilization) used to render a reusable item safe for further use on patients and handling by staff. The effective decontamination of reusable surgical instruments is essential in minimising the risk of transmission of infectious agents”

(NHS estates 2003).

The importance of thorough decontamination and re-processing of instruments is highlighted above and Surgical Holdings advises that you download and follow their reprocessing instructions.

We recently welcomed Shelly to our team, who has a background in sterile services. She shares her behind the scenes experience here.

Download Reprocessing Guidelines PDF

Contact Us to request reprocessing guidelines for other manufacturers or products which we supply.