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Please read the story of our family heritage in our blog post, Celebrating 30 Years of Surgical Holdings.

Founded in 1988 and based in Southend-on-Sea, Surgical Holdings is a trusted family-run business with over thirty years’ experience spanning four generations. 

Proudly ISO 13485 and CE Mark accredited, we are skilled Craftsman and suppliers of surgical instruments, specialist products and orthopaedic implants manufacturers to both the NHS and private sector organisations across the globe.

However, it isn’t quite enough to say that we manufacture and repair surgical instruments and rigid endoscopes.  At Surgical Holdings, we strive for the best possible quality in everything we do.  This has been the foundation of our approach ever since George Poole established his own soon-to-be-successful business in 1910, making finely-crafted surgical instruments. 

George’s passion and commitment to excellence has remained in the family, as he ensured successive generations were taught his unique skills.  Today, Philip Coole is Chairman of Surgical Holdings, with his son Daniel at the helm as Managing Director.  Daniel is the newest generation of skilled instrument Craftsman in the family.

The instruments we manufacture and repair at Surgical Holdings are responsible for saving lives, and this is a responsibility we take very seriously.  We do not simply promote a bland list of products, we are passionate about the work we do, standards we meet and we genuinely care about the positive effects it has on our customers, patients and stakeholders. 

Our ongoing mission is to educate our stakeholders on what they should be demanding from their surgical instruments and standards of repairs they receive. Whilst continually supplying high quality instruments and products and ensure the repair services we offer are the highest in the UK marketplace. There is no compromise, we believe instruments should be repaired with the same care and value, as they were originally manufactured.

This is why we only employ the most dedicated, highest-skilled surgical instrument technicians, and why we rigorously control every aspect of the products we repair and manufacture. We also only select the most innovative high quality esteemed products for distribution.     

Additionally, our carefully selected range of supporting distributed products are always serviced and repaired by our in-house team, to the same rigid specifications as were used in their construction.

To ensure the very best service, we regularly refine and innovate our company processes and techniques. We like to use our expertise to elevate our products ranges, to ensure they provide a solution. This was the thought when we launched the Duo Finish Range and the introduction of unique performance coatings. Our customers appreciate the in-depth expertise we are able to offer them as a close-knit and dedicated family business, because they can be confident that we care about quality and value as much as they do.

We frequently welcome visitors to our friendly Southend-on-Sea workshop and encourage them to chat with our technicians.  Our visitors often talk about the passion and knowledge that so clearly comes across, and we enjoy nothing more than helping to educate others.  This why we also make a regular effort to attend community events and informative workshops.

We believe that our unique blend of skill, dedication and passion for quality is what elevates Surgical Holdings well above our competition.  These are also the reasons why we have not only endured, but thrived, for over thirty years.

Our team in Southend came up with the following Values, Vision and Mission that we believe describe what we do and our ethos:

Our Mission:

To sustainably manufacture, service and distribute medical devices for the UK healthcare sectors and export partners worldwide. Expertly working to our specialisms, whilst promoting education and continual development of our employees. We maintain our dedication to our safety, unique skill, products and services

Our Values:

Education, Transparency, Family, Passion and Resourcefulness

Our Vision:

To be recognised by our stakeholders as the most passionate, authentic and knowledgeable Surgical Instrument Manufacturer and Service provider in the UK.

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