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We manufacture and supply a collection of our finest high-quality surgical scissors, including Nero Smooth Cut Scissors, a range of ceramic-coated surgical scissors available at Surgical Holdings.

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We also provide a surgical scissor sharpening service.

Surgical Holdings have utilised their combined expertise and knowledge to introduce a new and exclusive DUO surface finish. By reviewing research and understanding the requirements of their customers they have combined two surface finishes on to one instrument. The first maintains anti-glare under theatre lights and the second ensures the best possible cleaning efficacy.

The company’s highly skilled instrument finishers ensure that prior to any final stage finishing, all instruments receive a high-level mopping to remove any imperfections. From there they can then apply:

  • The wet bead blast finish - this technique uses ultra-fine glass beads sprayed at the surface of the instrument to create a matt looking finish.
  • The mirror polish finish - this technique uses a series of mops and compounds to polish the surface up to a mirror finish.

The result is a premium looking instrument which stands out, maintains functionally under theatre lights but above all has been proven to provide benefits against protein adhesion and corrosion.

Surgical Scissor FAQs

If a surgical scissor feels loose, does it mean it is poor quality?

No, scissors are a handset instrument. The 'set' itself is applied by the instrument technician and ensures the scissor cuts and performs correctly. The scissor may seem loose, but quite often this is just the set of the scissor.

What do two black bows on a surgical scissor mean?

This designates 'Supercut'. Supercut is one micro-serrated edge and one ultra-sharp edge. Often these scissors may also be referred to as 'Stille', as it is thought that Stille introduced this edge originally. The Supercut offers a grip and cut.

What do gold bows on surgical scissors mean?

This is an indication that the instrument has tungsten carbide in its jaws or blades. This tungsten carbide makes the scissor more robust and harder.

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