Orthopaedic Power Tool Repair

Orthopaedic Power Tool Repair

Huge Cost-Savings on Orthopaedic Power Tool Repairs at Surgical Holdings, including Battery and Pneumatic

Orthopaedic Power Tool Repair Orthopaedic Power Tool Repair Orthopaedic Power Tool Repair
  • High Quality Compatible parts used
  • 90-120 day warranty on repair
  • Maintenance of accessories

Orthopaedic power tool repair at Surgical Holdings includes replacement of bearings, electric board revision, speed button, revision of battery contacts and lubrication and sealing. 

We can repair the following:

  • Stryker Series 6, 7 & 8 repaired 
  • Stryker Cordless Driver 3
  • Stryker 5400
  • Stryker Core
  • Stryker TPS

We repair all Stryker powered handpieces covering series 6 to 8, including maintenance of pin collets, hoses, cables, batteries and consoles.

We also repair other brands of orthopaedic power tools, however, these are quoted depending on the work required. Other orthopaedic power tool brands we repair include Dyonics, Synthes, Sodem, Linvatec, Codman, Hall Zimmer and De Soutter Medical.

We also repair Electric Cords, Consoles and Rechargeable Batteries for surgical power tools, including Refurbishment with Ni-Cd elements replacement, contacts recondition and sealing. Electrical contacts, screws and shell can also be replaced. 

Pneumatic Tools and Hose Repair

All common brands of Air tools and hoses repaired, including

  • Stryker
  • 3M
  • Synthes
  • Hall 
  • Microaire
  • De Soutter
  • Zimmer Dermatome

Repair or rebuild/Re Ferrule Hall's - Zimmer MicroAire, De Soutter, 3M, Synthes Air hose's

Hall's Micro 100, series 3 & 4, Surgairtome two, and Burr Guard's repaired. 

All Dental tools can be repaired, including bearings and rotor replacement. We also repair Phaco Handpieces and Ultrasound Handpieces.

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