Dermatology Instruments Tray Set

We know how confusing it can be when ordering new dermatology instrument sets. Often hospitals and even individual consultants have their own preferences. To help out we have compiled a dermatology instruments set below, which from our experience include the most commonly used dermatology instruments. This set is specifically designed to meet the unique demands of dermatologists specialising in skin-related treatments and surgeries. Our Dermatology Instruments Tray Set is thoughtfully assembled to include a wide range of precision instruments essential for dermatological practices. This set includes various types of scalpels, scissors, forceps, and other specialised tools required for procedures like mole removal, skin biopsies, and cosmetic treatments.

Baron Scalpel handle NO.4 for use with NO.18, 19, 20 & 21 blades, 130mm (5 1/4'')  SC-PM/004 1
Crile-Wood needle holder tungsten carbide gold bows straight 150mm  SC-GI/217  1
Metzenbaum dissecting scissors with tungsten carbide insert, STR, 14.5cm. 2 gold bows  SC-GI/445 1
Metzenbaum scissors supercut-dissecting curved 145mm 5.75'' with 2 black chrome bows  SC-GI/191 1
Michel forceps double-ended for inserting and removing clips stainless steel 12.7cm (5) long SC-GI/357 1
Gillies skin hook 190mm long. Standard  SC-PL/065A 2
Halstead mosquito forceps standard straight 125mm (5'')  SC-GI/007 1
Ball & Socket towel clip 115mm (4 1/2')  SC-GI/351 3
Baron scalpel handle NO.3 for use with NO: 10,11,12&15 blades, 130mm (5 1/4'') long SC-PM/003 1
Stevens tenotomy scissors, curved/ sharp supercut 11.5cm long with 2 black chrome bows  SC-OP/425 1
Iris scissor straight supercut 114mm long with 2 black chrome bows  SC-OP/476 1
Strabismus scissors supercut, one gold bow 114mm long curved  SC-OP/475A 1
Mayo-Hegar needle holder tungsten carbide gold bows 160mm  SC-GI/214 1
Poirier tissue forceps 2-3 teeth 175mm SC-GI/274 1
Treves dissecting forceps 1-2 teeth 175mm 5'' SC-GI/251 1
Din basket wire mesh base with perforated sides and two carrying handles size: 240 X 250 X 50mm SC-GI/CO009 1

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