Gynae Hysteroscope Instrument Set

A hysteroscopy is a procedure used to examine the inside of the uterus. It's carried out using a hysteroscope. We know how confusing it can be when ordering gynaecology hysteroscopes. Often hospitals and even individual consultants have their own preferences. To help out we have compiled some example lists below, which from our experience include the most commonly used hysteroscopy instruments.

Din basket wire mesh base with perforated sides and two carrying handles size: 480 X 480 X 60mm  SC-GI/CO018 1
Rampley sponge holding FCPS straight, serrated jaws 241mm (9 1/2)  SC-GI/354 3
Bonney dissecting forceps serrated 1-2 teeth 185mm  SC-GI/268 1
Bonney dissecting forceps serrated 7'' 185mm  SC-GI/267 1
Teale uterine vulsellum forceps, curved, 3 X 4 teeth, 229mm (9'')  SC-GY/023 2
Bonney uterine polypus forceps 240mm long  SC-GY/020 1
Sims uterine curette single-ended blunt medium 10mm X 250mm long  SC-GY/075E 1
Sims uterine curette sharp double-ended medium 10mm X 7mm X 250mm long  SC-GY/045 1
Sims uterine curette single sharp small 6mm X 250mm long  SC-GY/075A  1
Galabin uterine sound 29.2cm  SC-GY/106 1
Sims duckbill speculum, double-ended, medium, 30mm X 33mm (1 3/16'' X 1 5/16'') 158mm (6 1/4'')  SC-GY/012B 1
Dressing scissor straight blunt/ blunt 165mm 6.5''  SC-GI/139 1
Hawkin Hambler set of 11 3/6 - 13/16 SC-GY/050A 1

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