Quad-Lock Sterilisation Containers

Quad-Lock® Containers - 4 Locks for More Sterility Reassurance

Through Symmetry Surgical we can provide exceptional sterilisation solutions with their ergonomically designed Quad-Lock sterilisation containers. Four latches secure the lid for dependable attachment to sterilisation containers that come in a selection of depths and lengths to best fit your instruments and suit your needs. The lids also come in a variety of colours and have other accessories that can be chosen to customise your containers with high-quality materials suitable for pre-vacuum steam, ethylene oxide, and low-temperature hydrogen peroxide sterilization modalities. 

Sterilisation Containers

Quadlock Container SystemQuadlock Sterilisation Containers

Quad-Lock containers feature a design with four latches to tightly secure the lid and ensure a dependable seal during and after sterilisation. The range includes full, three-quarter, and half-size containers, as well as a wide variety of colour options from which to choose. 

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