Symmetry Surgical Kerrison Rongeur Solutions

Symmetry Surgical has a rich heritage in Kerrison design dating back to the early 1900s. Collaborations between Thomas Codman and Harvey Cushing M.D. yielded unique insight into the needs of surgeons. Dr. Cushing was one of the first surgeons to specialise in neurosurgery and his initial input and designs are evident in modern-day Kerrisons.

Symmetry Surgical Kerrison® Rongeur Solutions

Symmetry Surgical offer an unrivalled portfolio of Kerrison Rongeurs for Spinal Surgery. From Conventional Kerrisons, Radidclean Detachable and the Patented Sharp Kerrison. The Rongeurs are available with a Black Ceramic coating for enhanced performance and friction reduction. You can learn more about the benefits of coatings here.

Symmetry Surgical Kerrison Rongeur Solutions

Symmetry Sharp Kerrison®

The Symmetry Sharp Kerrison is the only Kerrison rongeur which is supporting surgeons with reliable cutting results without the continuous need for repairs and the logistics behind this process. This new Kerrison rongeur is available with a single-use or alternatively reusable tip which attaches to a reusable handle to ensure the highest possible accuracy and safety.

The challenges of performing precise and complex procedures with dull Kerrisons are well known among neurosurgeons and orthopaedic spine surgeons worldwide. This case study evaluated a new device that utilizes a novel approach to provide sharp, productive bites throughout the entire procedure, allowing the surgeon to complete the procedure safely, accurately, and efficiently. Read our Case study to find out more.  

Kerrsion Rongeur

Alongside our standard stainless-steel, Kerrison punches and our black ceramic-coated Kerrison punches, we also have detachable ceramic-coated Kerrisons which have a trigger release for easier cleaning and removal of protein residue. 

Symmetry RapidClean

Symmetry RapidClean® Convertible Kerrisons are designed to allow for thorough cleaning and decontamination. These Kerrison rongeurs offer a convenient hinge design that opens easily for cleaning, inspection and lubrication while eliminating the risk of misplacing pieces during processing. The sizes available can be downloaded here

Symmetry RapidClean® Convertible Kerrisons

  • Ceramic coated
  • Smooth, wear-resistant surface
  • Reduces glare
  • Optimal gliding
  • Stays sharp longer

Symmetry offers a huge range of solutions for Kerrison Rongeurs. The full brochure can be downloaded here:

Download Symmetry Surgical Kerrison Catalogue

Symmetry’s RapidClean® Detachable Kerrisons are easily disassembled into two pieces for cleaning and inspection. They feature a frictionless channel, secondary safety locks to ensure secure latching and unique markings on the top and bottom sections to ensure straight-forward reassembly. Detachable for cleaning and removal of protein. Externally tested to 600 decontamination cycles.

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