ULTRASTOP Endoscope Anti-Fog Solution

ULTRASTOP Endoscope Anti-Fog Solution


Optimal vision is essential in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy. If medical optics fog up, this leads to significant impairment of vision during endoscopic examinations and operations. This is why the use of ULTRASTOP and ULTRASTOP pro med is recommended. ULTRASTOP can be used on all types of medical examination mirrors and optics.

The anti-fogging agent was developed by doctors and scientists based on the latest findings. It contains a special combination of surface-active substances in an alcohol-aqueous matrix. The effect lies in the formation of a special layer on the surface of the treated objects. This extremely thin and absolutely clear, transparent film reliably prevents the formation of droplets when water vapour condenses and, in this way, prevents the surface from fogging.

ULTRASTOP pro med is successfully used in endoscopy on a wide range of materials and in a variety of medical specialties including ENT examinations and surgery, gynaecology, orthopaedics, and urology.

About Endoscope Anti-Fog Solutions

Endoscope anti-fog solutions play a vital role in the field of medical endoscopy, ensuring clear and uninterrupted visualisation during procedures. These solutions are designed to prevent the formation of condensation on the endoscope lens, which can obstruct the view and compromise the safety and accuracy of medical interventions.

Endoscopes are widely used in various medical specialties, such as gastroenterology, pulmonology, and surgery, for diagnosing and treating a range of conditions. However, the warm, moist environments within the body can lead to fogging on the endoscope's lens. Anti-fog solutions address this issue by creating a thin, water-repellent coating on the lens surface, thereby preventing moisture buildup. Regular application of endoscope anti-fog solutions ensures that physicians maintain a consistently clear view throughout the examination or surgery, leading to more accurate diagnoses and safer interventions.

As endoscopy continues to evolve and become more integral to modern medicine, anti-fog solutions remain essential tools in ensuring optimal visual clarity and successful patient outcomes.

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