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Neurosurgery Instruments

At Surgical Holdings we provide a range of neurosurgery instruments for neurologists providing neurological surgery. Our neurosurgery instruments are designed to help assist rehabilitation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the central nervous system. Our Neurosurgery Instruments include:

  • Curettes - Used for precise and delicate microsurgery such as neurosurgery.
  • Dissectors - Enable neurosurgeons to perform a minimally invasive discectomy.
  • Elevators - Used to lift the galea above the periosteum below the temporalis muscle.
  • Rongeurs - Used to open a window in bone, this is often the skull during neurology.
 NHS suppliers of high quality precision instrumentation
 Award-winning manufacturer of surgical instruments
 Established supplier with over 25 years experience
 Family run business based in the UK

Download Neurology Instruments PDFDownload Neurology Instruments PDF

Download Symmetry Surgical Class III PDFSymmetry Surgical Class III PDF

Alongside our standard stainless steel Kerrison punches and our black ceraminc coated Kerrison punches, we also have a detachable ceramic coated Kerrisons which have a trigger release for easier cleaning and removal of protein residue. Download the flyer here.

Symmetry Surgical® Neurosurgery Instruments

In addition to our Surgical Holdings neurosurgery instruments, we are proud to offer the neurosurgery instrument portfolio of Symmetry Surgical® which includes an extensive variety of specialty instruments that are suitable for a range of neurological procedures. This incorporates instruments inherited from the Codman and Shurtleff’s surgical instrument portfolio.

 Some of the notable instrument lines this includes is Spetzler, Malis, and Rhoton, which all boast instruments uniquely designed with neuro surgeons to optimise neurosurgery. The Malis titanium scissors, Rhoton dissectors, and Spetzler micro scissors are among some of the more popular instruments and are known for their ergonomic designs and excellent function.


Download the Symmetry Neuro Instruments PDF

Symmetry Surgical® Spinal Instruments


Amongst the instruments Symmetry Surgical® offers is their range of spinal instruments. This includes items like Hardy curettes, the McCulloch retractor, and the Symmetry Sharp Kerrison punch with single-use and reusable, detachable tips, just to name a few. The Sharp Kerrisons are extremely innovative and unique in their design to ensure a sharp tip for each and every surgery. There is a vast selection of specialised instruments inherited from the Codman and Shurtleff’s portfolio in their catalogue, which you can download below.


Download the Symmetry Spinal Catalogue PDF

Download the new Symmetry Surgical Kerrison Catalogue

Download the Symmetry Sharp Kerrison Reusable Tips PDF

Download the Symmetry Sharp Kerrison Single-Use Tips PDF

Bissinger Mithras Bipolar Micro-Coagulation Forceps

 Bissinger Mithras micro-coagulation forceps are another unique product we are happy to supply through our partner, Bissinger. These forceps have a 3mm diameter shaft which allows for minimally invasive surgery and for the surgeon to reach areas with otherwise very limited access. The familiarity of the standard handle shapes and the precise bipolar technology allows for extremely accurate electrosurgery to maximise patient safety and ensure exceptional results. There are different forceps and handles to choose from to best suit the procedure being done and using the dedicated suction tube helps maintain a clear view of the operating field throughout the procedure.


Download the Bissinger Mithras PDF


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