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Classification of Surgical Instruments

For those that are unfamiliar with surgical instruments, gathering just a little knowledge of the different instruments and their uses can feel like an uphill challenge. The names of them are impossible to remember, the differences between them can appear to be minuscule, and the uses for each instrument can seem even more obscure than the previous. The Classification of surgical instruments is extremely diverse and growing.

There are many different classes of surgical instrument manufactured at Surgical Holdings. These include clamps for blood vessels and other organs. Retractors, which are used to spread open skin, ribs and other tissue. Mechanical cutters such as mayo scissors. Artery forceps, for access to narrow passages or incisions. Needle tips, needle holders and tubes, for introducing fluid. Powered devices, such as endoscopes, light source cables and probes. Reading through all these different classifications. it’s not really difficult to imagine why a beginner may easily feel intimidated without a proper introduction to the field.

Newly developed surgical techniques create a continual demand for improvements within the production process, as well as for the introduction of entirely new instruments. The manufacture of surgical instruments is a highly developed craft. It is also a profession that has respected its many traditions over centuries of practice. So, while newer manufacturing techniques have kept pace with advances in surgical practices, in essence, the true craft has changed very little.


On today’s production floor, you will witness computers combined with other advanced technology aiding in the construction of tools, but it always remains with the skill of the craftsmen to turn pieces of raw steel into finely honed surgical instruments. The identification and sourcing of the proper raw material is very important. At Surgical Holdings, we believe in using only the right steels for the correct surgical applications. Our instruments are manufactured to British standard guidelines BS 5194 Part 1 1991/ISO 7153-1 2001. All of our steels are ethically sourced.

Even with all the advances in technology, the craftsmen who make our instruments play a truly important role. They undergo many years of rigorous training before they are proficient in their trade. An apprentice scheme at Surgical Holdings, supervised by skilled craftsmen who are experts in the field of surgical instrument manufacture, ensures a steady influx of new instrument makers for the future of the company.

We also offer a surgical instrument repair service, with a tiered pricing structure.

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