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Surgical Holdings: NPAG Coventry 2019

Are you attending?

This March, Surgical Holdings’ will be at the NPAG conference, which is based at the RICOH arena in Coventry. Held on Wednesday 6th March, the conference will be mainly focused on collaboration, ensuring theatre and decontamination services are brought together in hospitals. By channeling the focus on how this can be achieved, this will allow healthcare professionals to work towards an improved quality of care and an overall better patient experience.

The conference will be open to the following:

• NHS Theatres

• Non NHS Theatres

• Surgical Managers

• Decontamination Managers

• Surgical Leads

• Decontamination Leads

Theatres Managers and Decontamination Leads have created the exciting conference agenda this year, presenting opportunities which allow you to learn and develop your skills throughout the day.

The topics of interest include the following:

• Challenges that surround the staffing in operating rooms

• The view to reduce high-cost agency spending

• New concepts in disposables

• CJD Updates

• Innovations to support Decontamination productivity with Theatres

Throughout the day, there will numerous ways to expand the marketing of your business, with networking opportunities and the chance to meet with NPAG Theatres. Decontamination members will be on hand to discuss their achievements and advise on how they have saved money through productive benchmarking. There will also be many presentations to see, that are scheduled within the conference’s agenda. The agenda reflects on feedback from previous years, with many thanks to Claire Jones-Manning, who has worked tirelessly to put together an informative schedule.

Presentations include the following:

• Operating Theatre Energy Optimisation and HTM 03-01 Audits – What do they entail and what do they achieve?

• Getting it Right First Time—Improving patient outcomes and increasing productivity

• My Journey as an Orthopaedic Scrub Person

• Building a New Operating Tool and Lessons Learned

• Quest+ Mobile Decontamination Unit Update

We look forward to seeing you at the conference. Thank you for reading the above blog. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to us at the conference, or alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact our head office on the following: 01702 602050 or

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