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DUO Surface Finish

Surgical Holdings have launched their innovative and unique new DUO surface finish, across our reusable surgical instrument range, combining Bright polished and satin. The two finishes not only highlight our commitment to supplying high quality, safe and premium surgical instruments but is also driven by scientific research.

Research has shown that the bright polish finish reduces protein adhesion therefore reducing any chance of cross contamination and iatrogenic vCJD risk. The severity of iatrogenic transmission of prion related diseases such as vCJD only increases as we learn more about other disorders. The prions associated with these diseases do not share the normal properties of viruses and bacteria, they are far more resistant to degradation through our current reprocessing methods.

The idea of a bright polish finish improving cleaning efficacy was suggested by Herve et al in a recent case study “Reduced protein and prion amyloid contamination was observed on the modified surfaces and subsequent decontamination efficacy improved.” Our own studies on protein retention have shown that a bright polish finish removed four times more protein in comparison to a rough surface.

The new DUO finish also includes a satin finish on the shafts and bodies of the instrument to minimize the glare from the theatre lights during surgery whilst ensuring we are providing a smooth surface.


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If you would like any further information about our new DUO surface finish please call us on 01702 602050 or email us at

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