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Snapshot Into Our Refurbishment Process

Here at Surgical Holdings we offer a full surgical instrument refurbishment service at less than half the price of new instruments, all you need to do is request a repair box and repair form book!

Repair Boxes - Surgical Holdings

We can ensure you receive a same day collection if we are contacted before 10am. The pickup will be booked and collected from your preferred location, an airway bill will then be emailed to you for printing out and to enable collection via DHL courier.

Once we have received your repair instruments these are then unpacked, evaluated  and quoted onto our system by our highly skilled technicians. Once a confirmation is received the quote is processed and the repairs are taken down to the factory to be returned within 7-10 working days, if our technicians decide a general instrument is beyond repair this will be replaced at no extra cost.

As soon as the instruments have been refurbished they are returned upstairs by our technicians to be laser marked, cleaned and put through a thorough inspection if the refurbished instruments do not pass inspection further work will be carried out to ensure your instruments are back to a “new” state. The refurbished instruments are then taken to our packing department where they are sealed individually, packed and dispatched to the customer with a 5 year warranty.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the instrument’s once they get to the factory? Here are a few of our processes for the most common refurbishments;

Scissor –

Ensure screw is not loose

Put set onto a blade to cut

Polish scissor as new

Sharpen on specialist wheels to retain temper

Re gold plate if needed

Self-Retaining Retractor –

Reset spring to give tension on ratchet

File in worn ratchet teeth and align to engage ratchet

Laser weld ratchet to strengthen ratchet arm and avoid future contamination


Dissecting Forcep –

Sharpen tooth/file serrations to improve grip

Reset to give tension on the set to get a spring


If you need any further information contact our customer services team on 01702 602050, or email us on We will be posting more blog posts around our refurbishment and repair services in the coming months.


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