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Surgical Holdings: BiTech Bipolar Scissor

Surgical Holdings’ proudly confirm that we distribute the BiTech Bipolar scissor as part of the extensive Bissinger range, which meets all relevant and applicable regulations.

BiTech bipolar scissors, enable cutting and dissection with simultaneous bipolar coagulation. The scissors have a wide variety of uses and can be used for a large number of applications in open surgery. Easy to use and repair, the BiTech bipolar scissor have a patented construction principle which ensures this is the case.

BiTech bipolar scissors are used for a large number of applications in open surgery and various different procedures, due to the nature of the product which allows for precise pinpoint or zone coagulation of blood vessels and tissue.

There are various different finishes and blades, such as the following: 

BiTech Bipolar Scissors with standard blade:

The standard version of the BiTech scissors, are characterized by their strong blade and large contact surface for use. For example: General surgery and gynaecology.

BiTech Bipolar Scissors with delicate blade:

The more delicate blades of these models with smaller contact surface are most suited for the following: Thoracic surgery, gynaecology and ENT.

BiTech Micro:

The BiTech Micro scissors are available in 13, 14 and 17.5 cm lengths and are characterised by their particularly slim and thin scissor blades. This is an advantage for applications requiring high precision surgery, for example: Plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Cleaning of BiTech Scissors:

Surgical Holdings’ highly recommend to use suitable racks for cleaning of the bipolar scissors, thus allowing to position and protect the instrument. Thereby, an optimized cleaning effect can be achieved whilst ensuring the sensitive ceramic blade of the scissor is protected from being damaged. The Bissinger CARE system offers suitable solutions for this.

Did you know: We are able to service and repair any product that you may have, performed by highly skilled and trained in house technician’s in the UK at our head office.

Thank you reading the above post. If you have any questions, or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated office on: 01702 602050 or email us:

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