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Surgical Holdings: BSSH Spring Scientific Meeting 2019

This spring, Surgical Holdings’ will be showcasing at the BSSH scientific meeting held in the heart of Wales at the Swansea University, Bay Campus. The event is detailed over the course of two days and is packed full of interesting and innovative content.

Whilst at the event, there will be various topics of interest and products alike, including the following key areas:

• Extremities Instruments/Sets

• Arex Hand

• Kirschner Wires

• Pins

At Surgical Holdings, we manufacture only the highest quality instruments, from steels complying with British Standards which ensures the highest level of performance and longevity is achieved on every occasion. Furthermore, utilising metallurgical testing, tracking and traceability of materials and 100% inspection procedures provides transparency and reliability for the consumer. Our extremities instruments/sets have an exclusive duo surface finish, which Surgical Holdings have carefully developed using their combined knowledge and expertise. We have highly skilled instrument finishers to ensure that prior to any final stage finishing, all instruments receive a high level mopping to remove any imperfections.

Did you know: In UK and Europe, many hospitals are now opting to buy their Kirschner wires pre Sterile, as this is more hygienic and safer for the patient. At Surgical Holdings’, we manufacture all types and combinations of wires and pins, which come with a 5 year shelf life and warranty. The Kirschner Wires are packed in their own individual plastic thermo pouches for protection and storage.

At the event, we will be showcasing our alternative to lead hand for hand surgery, introducing the Chirobloc Arex Hand as displayed above. This favoured product, tried, tested and preferred by many surgeons already, is the lead alternative containing no lead and consists of composite biocompatible material.

A few benefits include:

• Reusable/No limitations on uses

• No Lead

• Radiolucent

• Stain-free

• One year warranty

• Straps for accurate positioning/Comes with 5 forget me not ties and ballast

We hope you have found this blog useful and welcome you to come and visit Surgical Holdings’ over the course of the two days at the event. If you have any questions or queries, our knowledgeable representatives will be on hand to assist throughout the duration of the event.

If you require any further information unrelated to the event or topics discussed at the event/above, please do not hesitate to contact the dedicated head office team on: 01702 602050 or

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