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Surgical Holdings: More About the Bookwalter® Retractor

“Good exposure is the key to good surgery”. – John Bookwalter, MD.

As Surgical Holdings’ are the exclusive distributor for Symmetry Surgical in the UK, it is with great pleasure to notify you of the variety of outstanding, innovative and carefully crafted products that the range has to offer. This includes the heritage of Codman & Shurtleff’s Neurology Surgical Instruments, along with the Bookwalter Retraction System and many other.

Did you know?

The Bookwalter Self-Retaining Retractor System, supplied by Symmetry Surgical, is the only genuine Bookwalter on the market. It is a fantastic example of Symmetry`s continuous innovation. The table-fixed retractor system has been designed by surgeons, to efficiently and reliably hold surgical instruments in place during surgery while allowing great visibility. The Bookwalter retractor also supports a wide variety of configurations for various surgical disciplines. As Symmetry Surgicals’ portfolio continues to expand, the Bookwalter is at the forefront of retraction innovation, with a new release of the rotilt ratchet.

Do you own a Bookwalter?

If the answer is yes, you will be delighted to discover that Surgical Holdings’ can repair and refurbish your current Bookwalter Retractor, ensuring our in house highly skilled technicians make it look brand new, for a fraction of the price of a new product. In addition, a series of tests will be carried out, which ensures the retractor is functioning correctly, providing a full report for your records.

There are various kits and components as part of the Bookwalter range, such as:

• Bookwalter Spinal Kit

• Bookwalter Abdominal Kit

• Bookwalter Magrina Gynaecology Kit

• Bookwalter Laparoscopy Kit

• Bookwalter Container

• Blades, Ratchets, Rings

• Accessories

“We are able to service and repair any product that you may have, performed by highly skilled and trained in house technician’s in the UK at our head office.”

So, which procedure is the Bookwalter retractor required for? A Bookwalter retractor is defined as a device used by surgeons to separate or hold back the ends of a surgical incision, mainly in the chest or the abdomen. When surgeons need to convert from a laparoscopic case to open abdominal surgery, they often shout: “Get the Bookwalter!”.

For further information, below is an informative five-minute video about the Bookwalter retractor:

Thank you for your time reading the above post. If you have any questions, or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team on: 01702 602050 or email us:

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