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ASGBI Liverpool & BAUS Liverpool 2018

We recently attended the ASGBI in Liverpool from 9-11th May, the ASGBI International Surgical Congress is a three day educational scientific conference, consisting of lectures, symposia, educational sessions and oral and electronic delegate presentations for consultants.

It has been a great opportunity to showcase some of our top products, such as our innovative surgical instrument range, the new Bookwalter 3, LPR (low profile retractors), peanut dissectors – all from Symmetry Surgical, Bitech bipolar scissors, Hermann Laparoscopic instruments and some specialised scissors.

We had a great response from the customers who visited our stand over the 3 days, we  have several trials in place for the Symmetry Surgical products such as; the LPR and peanut dissectors these will be used by consultants which specialise mostly in thyroid and hand surgery, the Bitech bipolar scissors were also very popular with thyroid surgeons.

We have also be arranged to show samples of the Hermann Laparoscopic range, we received feedback from one consultant said that during surgery he does not have enough flexibility in the handle and has to use a certain technique for certain procedures. We have offered an alternative handle which provides much more movement, we will always try our best to fulfill the customers needs and offer the best solution.

The feedback received from our surgical instrument range is that it is not only that it is aesthetically advanced but also high in quality, customers are always happy and impressed when we tell them we are a UK manufacturer in Essex, manufacturing to British standards with objective material testing.

It was also great to get feedback directly from the end users, it gives us an insight as to what they might need or what could be improved in the operating room – we also offer educational information to the customer ourselves, our rep Andy showed one of the consultants how to test if a scissor is set correctly by showing where the blade should sit, how tight the screw is etc.

We also did the cycling challenge for The Surgical Foundation, their aim is to advance surgical standards and improve outcomes for patients undergoing surgery in Great Britain & Ireland and developing countries!


We also attended the BAUS in Liverpool this week, The British Association of Urological Surgeons annual meeting was a great chance for us to show our Bookwalter Retractor by Symmetry Surgical, our Laparoscopic range and Bipolar Scissors.  We were lucky enough to have Sir Gutzenburg on our stand to show how great the Bookwalter is during surgery!

It was great to see consultants reacquainting themselves with the bookwalter and for some seeing it for the first time! We found during our time there and talking to the customers that the most popular use of this was for cystectomy.

We had our Bitech Bipolar Scissors on display on the stand, during our time in Liverpool customers were also keen to discuss the use of this particular instrument in radical retropubic prostatectomy and circumcision.

Overall we had a great response from all of the people who visited our stand, if you popped by for a chat we would like to thank you again for your time and interest.


If you would like any further information on any of the topics mentioned in this post please do not hesitate to email us or give us a call on 01702 602050.



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