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Spotlight on: Orthopaedics

Did you know that Surgical Holdings manufacture and supply a wide range of equipment for a variety of Orthopaedics including extremities instruments for specialised hand surgery and Hip Arthroplasty?  We also provide sterile Kirschner Wires and Steinmann Pins, and innovative products such as easy-to-clean detachable Kerrison Rongeurs.

Why not check out these free downloadable resources, ideal for orthopaedic theatres:

Orthopaedic Instruments Catalogue

Extremities Catalogue

Kerrison Brochure

Arthoroscopy Catalogue

All popular sizes are held in stock in the UK.
We can manufacture any custom size, including threaded wires.

Our refurbishment service can ensure all instruments can be working perfectly, no matter how old! It’s often very cost-effective when compared with buying replacements.  And you can’t really go wrong – as if the part can’t be refurbished to the Surgical Holdings usual high standard, it will be replaced with a new equivalent free of charge or a very favourable discount applied.

Before and After Refurbishment at the Surgical Holdings UK Based Workshop

If you need any help organising instrument sets, maintaining them or setting up a rolling refurb/repair program – our team of representatives are at your disposal. Feel free to call us to arrange a visit: +44 (0)1702 602050.

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